Dark Matter Detection Consortium

Three world leading collaborations joining forces in the search for Dark Matter!

What is Dark Matter

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World leading researchers with more than twenty years of sucessfully building liquid xenon Dark Matter detectors unite forces in the XLZD Consortium


We aim to design and build a single, common multi-ton experiment. Current detectors LZ and XENONnT have the same science goals but differ in many technical details. We are able to explore and select the best option from both worlds, strengthening our R&D efforts by combining ideas and ressources

Dark Matter

A hypothetical form of matter whose evidence for existence can be seen across many scales in the universe. For nearly 100 years its nature has remained a mystery.


It does not emit or absorb light. Its presence was deduced purely due to its gravitational effects

Abundant & Heavy

Forms structures within which galaxies and clusters form. There is 5x more dark matter than conventional matter in the universe

Stable & Elusive

A stable and neutral form of matter that interacts weakly with itself and others

New Particle

No fundamental particle from the Standard Model behaves this way

Directly Detecting Dark Matter

Xenon is a world leading target for dark matter searches and a large number of other new science efforts

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Xenon Observatory

With 40-100 tonnes Xenon we will achieve a lot more than ever before

A low-background, low-threshold xenon observatory can access more than just Weakly Interacting Dark Matter, including neutrinoless double-betta decay, double-electron captrure, solar and astrophysical neutrinos, and broader beyond the Standard Model topics, especially axion-like particles and dark photon electron-recoil interactions


An observatory for rare physics

Vanilla Dark Matter

World-leading sensitivity to Spin-Independent and Spin-Dependent interactions for GeV and sub-GeV Weakly Interacting Massive Particles (WIMP)

Exotic Dark Matter

Sensitive to a plethora of exotic particles due to excellent energy threshold and resolution; axion-like particles, dark photons, composite, mirror, asymetric models etc.

Neutrino Physics

Sensitive to neutrinoless double beta decay of Xe-136 and double electron capture of Xe-124, at natural abundance. Also sensitive to neutrino magnetic moment

Solar Physics

Able to constrain solar metallicity models through measurements of pp Be-7 and B-8 neutrinos

Cosmic Rays

Sensitive to atmospheric neutrino measurements at lower energies previously incredibly challenging


An excellent early alert device for a supernova event also assisting with multi-messenger astrophysics

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Possible Locations

Planning big!

Our science relies on shielding from cosmic rays achieved by operating deep underground. Several locations are generally considered as the installation details for the different labs might be largely different



Gran Sasso, Italy

Located under the Gran Sasso mountain (1400m - horizontal access) this laboratory is the largest underground laboratory in the world devoted to neutrino and astroparticle physics



South Dakota, US

The deepest underground laboratory in the United States, with about 12 miles for science activities on the 4850 Level (1490m - vertical access). Future location of the DUNE experiment



North Yorkshire, UK

The Boulby Underground Laboratory, the UK’s deep underground science facility, located 1100m (vertical access) below ground in an active salt mine extending below the North Sea




The location of historic neutrino experiments in the converted Mozumi mine in the Okuhida mountains (1000m - horizontal access)



Ontario, Canada

Canada’s deep underground research laboratory, located in Vale’s Creighton active mine (2070m - vertical access)

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Signing Memorandum of Understanding

“XENON, DARWIN and LZ representatives signed a Memorandum of Understanding in July 2021 in which they commit to work together at the next detector, but leave the location open.

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